I am really excited to tell you about this place as it was love at first sight and then fell head over heels at first bite! This shop has been around since August 2016 and I’ve drove pass this shop numerous time but only to think that it was some Pokemon concept shop because it says – Poké Shop. It was on the 5th of July that I found out what this shop is really about. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Pokemon!!


Poké is actually a Hawaiian raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course. And Poké is healthy, delicious and totally unique!
When I saw the photos in the article shared by sister, I told myself that I HAVE to try this. So I went to pack for a takeaway on the 7th, back again for lunch on the 8th and then back again for dinner on the 9th.
The concept of this shop is quite unique… you get to customize your Poké Bowl to your own liking and preference. How awesome is that?! And it’s vegan friendly too!


First, you need to grab an order sheet and a pencil either from the counter or the transparent box mounted on the wall. The order sheet looks like this:

If you have no idea what to choose or in a hurry, you can just choose one of the four Ready-To-Order Bowls… Shoyu Salmon BowlZesty BowlSpicy Tuna Bowl and Salad Bowl.

But if you have the time, I strongly recommend that you take time to customize the Bowl to your own liking for the day. Just turn the order sheet around and you’ll see this :

It’s quite easy… you just need to follow the instructions Step by Step.

STEP 1 : Pick Your Base

By default, every Bowl comes with a serving of Baby Greens. If you select Baby Greens as your base, it means you’ll have additional serving of Baby Greens.

STEP 2 : Pick 2 Sauces
You could choose to mix 2 types of sauces or you could also opt for only 1 type of sauce if you like.

STEP 3 : Pick 4 Sides

You can choose from a wide selection of sides that consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts and pickled vegetable. If you want more than 4, you could have extra 2 scoops just for an additonal price of RM1.50.

STEP 4 : Any Premium Add On?
You could skip this step if you’re on a budget or don’t need additional add on. But my favourite is the poached egg. Yummy!
STEP 5 : Pick Your Unlimited Toppings
Here you can go crazy and select all the toppings if you like.
STEP 6 : Pick Your Protein
You can choose either salmon (in 3 different flavour), tuna (in 2 different flavour), shrimp, chicken or just tofu for the vegans. It’s a bit cheaper if you choose chicken or vegan.

STEP 7 : Pick Your Drink
However, the drinks will be charged separately. They have a few drinks on their drink menu on the wall and a wide selection of juices at their juice counter. But they also provide free, self served plain water.
And if you felt like indulging in something even better, you could choose the Premium Poké Bowl… RM25.90 for the Soft Shell Crab Bowl and RM35.90 for the Unagi Bowl.
Once you’re done with all the above steps, just pass the order sheet to the cashier for confirmation and payment. You could then return to your table and wait for your bill number to be called.

My first bowl was a takeaway and I didn’t take a photo of that, but here’s my second and third bowl:

Baby Greens + Herby Lime + Japanese Cucumber + Shallots + Cherry Tomatoes + Seaweed Salad + Poached Egg + Seaweed Flakes + Chili Flakes + Ebiko + Kaffir Lime Salmon

Baby Greens + Herby Lime + Japanese Cucumber + Shallots + Carrots + Seaweed Salad + Poached Egg + Seaweed Flakes +
Chili Flakes + Furikake + Ebiko + Garlic Shrimp

And these are some of the combination I have gathered from people I know…

Quinoa with Greens + Lime Aioli + Sesame Miso + Corn + Edamame + Japanese Cucumber + Seaweed Salad + Salmon Skin + Spicy Shoyu Tuna +

White Rice + Gar-gar Sauce + Corns + Onions Pineapple + Pickled Radish + Parmesan Crisps + Seaweed Flakes 
Fried Shallots + Sunflower Seeds + Ebiko + Honey Herb Chicken

For those who are on diet or prefer healthy food, this is the best place for you. They also do catering and delivery.

Retrieved from: Fantastic Food & Where To Find Them: The Fish Bowl, Bandar Sunway (fantasticfoodwtft.blogspot.com)