Welcome Fishies!

Every 1 Malaysia Ringgit spent in THEFISHBOWL will grant you 100 cubes!

Find out how many cubes do you need to redeem your rewards from below:

Poké Bowl

Standard Poké

28,000 Cubes

Honey Herbs Chicken Bowl

22,000 Cubes

Vegan Tofu Bowl

19,000 Cubes

Soft Shell Crab Bowl

38,000 Cubes

Unagi Bowl

48,000 Cubes

Extra Add-on


10,000 Cubes

Pesto Rice

3,000 Cubes


5,000 Cubes

Canvas Bag

67,500 Cubes

Buckwheat Soba

3,000 Cubes

Takeaway Container

135,000 Cubes

Extra Rice (Per Scoop)

2,500 Cubes

Extra 1 Sides

2,500 Cubes

Extra Protein

12,000 Cubes

Extra Chicken/Tofu

8,000 Cubes


Kombucha & Juice

18,000 Cubes


12,000 Cubes

Mineral Water

4,000 Cubes

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