Welcome Fishies!

Every 1 Malaysia Ringgit spent in THEFISHBOWL will grant you 100 cubes!

Find out how many cubes do you need to redeem your rewards from below:

Poké Bowl

Standard Poké

23,000 Cubes

Honey Herbs Chicken Bowl

19,000 Cubes

Vegan Tofu Bowl

18,000 Cubes

Soft Shell Crab Bowl

33,000 Cubes

Unagi Bowl

45,000 Cubes

Extra Add-on

Fitness First Pass

5,000 Cubes


7,500 Cubes

Pesto Rice

2,500 Cubes


3,700 Cubes

Canvas Bag

67,500 Cubes

Buckwheat Soba

2,500 Cubes

Takeaway Container

135,000 Cubes

Extra Rice (Per Scoop)

800 Cubes

Extra 1 Sides

1,200 Cubes

Extra Protein

10,000 Cubes

Extra Chicken/Tofu

6,000 Cubes


Cold-Pressed Juice

11,000 Cubes


8,600 Cubes

Mineral Water

2,500 Cubes

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