Spicy Tuna Bowl
Malaysian’s concept of “the perfect combo”? Spicy and tasty. With that, we present you our Spicy Tuna Bowl. Tuna possesses a rich flavour by nature with a mild hint of sweetness. Renown for its high protein and low caloric content, tuna simultaneously aids in weight loss and muscle gain. Combined with cucumber, corn, walnut, pickled radish, pickled ginger, onion, seaweed flakes and wasabi topped with baby-racha sauce, this delectable bowl is the definition of perfection.
Protein: Spicy Shoyu Tuna
Base: Brown Rice
Sauce: Baby-Racha Sauce
Sides: Cucumber, Shallots, Walnuts, Corns, Pickled Ginger, Pickled Radish
Toppings: Green Onion, Seaweed Flakes, Wasabi

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